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We Need Your Feedback - Youth Provision and Southwater Youth Project CIO Grant Consultation

Updated: Jul 4

Southwater Youth Project CIO has lost key funders that have helped to fund the organisation in providing its youth services.

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Southwater Parish Council continues to be the largest contributor currently providing circa £40,000 of funds annually for provision of youth services via Southwater Youth Project CIO, which equates to £8.26 per Band D Household in Council Tax (annually).

Southwater Youth Project CIO have requested the Council provide an additional £10,000 per annum in grant funding from 1st April 2025 to ensure their project's financial sustainability.

Please help us by answering 3 questions via this consultation form.

The consultation deadline is 12:00, 8th July 2024.

Hard copies of the consultation flyers are being delivered to every household in the Parish. If you prefer giving us a feedback via those, please drop them in our letterbox or return it to our office at Beeson House. There is also a dedicated feedback form box next to our office door.

Q1. Do you believe that Southwater Parish Council should continue to provide grant funding for the next 5 years for the purpose of a universal youth facility aimed at youth aged 8-19 from 1st April 2025 (currently provided by Southwater Youth Project CIO)?

Q2. Would you support an increase of £2.07 per year to your Council Tax (Band D) to continue to fund Southwater Youth Project CIO and the current services they provide Southwater?

Q3. Are you satisfied with the youth services provided in Southwater as funded by Southwater Parish Council?

All personal information provided will be kept in line with Southwater Parish Council's Privacy Policy which is available here.


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