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Public Access Defibrillators in Southwater Parish

There are 12 Public Access Defibrillators in the parish. These devices may be used by anyone. To gain access call 999 and ask for the ambulance service where they will advise you of the access code to open the cabinet.


These devices are all semi-automatic and simple to use. They give verbal and written instructions on how to use them and will not shock a patient if the patient does not need shocking. The ambulance service will support you with the use of the device if needed. 

Please see below for locations of public access defibrillators in Southwater Parish. 

You can also visit our Southwater Community Responders Page or visit Southwater Community Responder's website for more information. 

1. Beeson House

Defibrilator Beeson House

Location: Lintot Square, RH13 9LA

To the right of the main entrance. 

Access: 24/7

3. Oakhurst Business Park

Defibrillator Oakhurst

Location: RH13 9RT

To the left of the entrance to PBS Group. 

Access: 24/7

5. Roundstone Caravans

Defibrillator Roundstone Caravan

Location: Worthing Road, RH13 9JG

To left of the park office door. By the entrance to the residential park. 

Access: 24/7

7. Coop Lintot Square

defibrillator co op

Location: Lintot Square, RH13 9LA

Left side of Coop next to the Lintot Public House.

Access: 24/7

9. Gardener House


Location: College Road, RH13 9EG

To the left of the main entrance.

Access: 24/7

11. Southwater Country Park Cafe

defibrillator southwater country park cafe

Location: Cripplegate Lane, RH13 9UN

To the right of the main entrance.

Access: 24/7

13. Raylands Country Park

no image.jfif

Location: Jackrells Ln, Southwater, Horsham RH13 9DH

Laundry Room

Access: TBC

2. "Bemerton"

Defibrillator Bemerton

Location: Salisbury Road, RH13 0AJ

To right of gate approximately 110m/330ft from Worthing Road on the right.

Access: 24/7

4. Hen & Chicken

Defibrillator Hen and Chicken

Location: Worthing Road RH13 9BH

Righthand side of pub facing Worthing road.

Access: 24/7

6. Southwater Sports Club

defibrillator sports club

Location: Church Lane, RH13 9BT

Right side of club, facing football fields.

Access: 24/7

8. The Ghyll

defibrillator the ghyll

Location: Pevensey Road, RH13 9XZ

To the left of the main entrance.

Access: 24/7

10. Southwater Village Hall

defibrillator southwater village hall

Location: Church Lane, RH13 9BT

In porch at front of building.

Access: 24/7

12. Phone Box


Location: Foxfield Cottages, RH13 9EP

Red phone box on corner of Foxfield Cottages/Shipley Road.

Access: 24/7

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