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About the Parish of Southwater

Southwater Finger Posts
Southwater Finger Posts

Southwater Parish

Southwater Parish is located immediately south of Horsham Town. Southwater Village is approximately 4 miles south of Horsham (West Sussex), 14 miles from Worthing (on the South Coast), 20 miles from Gatwick Airport (to the North East) and 23 miles from Guildford (to the North West). Southwater Parish comprises the communities of Christ’s Hospital, Tower Hill, Two Mile Ash, Newfoundout and the village centre itself.

Area and Population

Southwater Parish is a semi-rural area, in the Low Weald, that in total covers some 1400 hectares and has a population of approximately 12,500 and as at 1 April 2022, has an electorate of 8,639 people. 


Bordering Parishes

Southwater Parish shares Parish borders with: 


Parish Border

To the North: Horsham – specifically Denne Neighbourhood and Forest Neighbourhood


To the East: Nuthurst Parish


To the South: Shipley Parish


To the West: Itchingfield Parish and Broadbridge Heath Parish

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