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Southwater Street Lights Upgrade to LED

Many of the streetlights in Southwater are owned by West Sussex County Council, however Southwater Parish Council historically gained a number of streetlights of which we are responsible for, and their power consumption. These streetlights are dotted around the village but are mainly in the College Road/surrounding roads area. The lights use the old-fashioned sodium lighting system and typically not energy efficient compared to the LED alternative. Southwater Parish Council are always looking at ways to reduce costs and provide savings for the community. In this respect, a thorough survey and review of each Southwater Parish Council streetlight was carried out to ascertain condition and consideration towards an upgrade to LED.

The general advantages of LED include:

• Longer lifespan relative to other lighting technology (four times longer).

• Significantly more energy efficient relative to other commercially available lighting technology and the current sodium lamps.

• High light quality (in terms of lumens).

• Lower maintenance costs due to longer lifespans.

The review established that by upgrading the lights to LED, the outcome would be an energy efficient solution, a vast reduction in energy consumption and costs, improved quality of lighting and reduced maintenance, pollution, and carbon emissions.

Funding for this project will come from the Streetlight earmarked reserve and CIL funding. In addition, a Community Climate Fund application was made to Horsham District Council, which was successful to the value of £5,000. This grant funding will provide Southwater Parish Council with additional financial support to complete the Street Lights Upgrade to LED project.

The works will be undertaken by Enerveo and we anticipate they’ll be progressed over the next 3-months.


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