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Southwater Parish Council Declare Climate Emergency

On the 15/11/23 at the SPC Full Council meeting, a climate emergency was declared.

What is declaring a Climate Emergency?

By declaring a Climate Emergency SPC have acknowledged that the Council needs to act on the causes and impacts of climate change. This therefore means as a council we are committed to enhancing positive steps towards reducing the possible contribution to climate change.

What we are already doing:


Southwater Parish Council has undertaken various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. These measures include designating Local Green Spaces and Community Spaces to protect important green areas through the Neighbourhood Plan, exploring solar and green energy options for council buildings, commencing work on a Climate Action Plan, investigating funding opportunities, considering Air Source Heat Pumps, upgrading streetlights to LED for energy efficiency, and engaging with stakeholders to provide EV charging points in Southwater. Additionally, the council adheres to No Mow May in its grounds maintenance contract to enhance biodiversity.

We are looking for support from local Groups with support on this project.


How you can get involved:

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us on:


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