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Providing help for a local resident

Updated: Apr 16

Recently, our Neighbourhood Wardens - Bettina & Dom, were contacted by a concerned resident in relation to an older person in the village, who they felt might benefit from some extra help. 


The Wardens met with an amazing resident who is in their 90s and living independently in our community. It became clear that the deterioration in their eyesight had changed so much for them and this had impacted on their independence and feelings of social isolation. The Wardens were able to talk about their role in the community and other agencies that offer support.


By agreement with the resident, our Wardens reached out to the

Southwater Welcome Club (Deborah Bailey 01403 731891 and Kris Massie

01403 731553), Southwater Women’s Institute and the Southwater Neighbour Network, who all provide such valuable help to our residents in tackling social isolation. They are all now working together to find ways to facilitate social interaction and provide appropriate transport so that they can get out and about to events safely, interact with other residents, feel more confident and part of the wonderful community that is Southwater.


The Wardens made an application to the Southwater Parish Council Chairman’s Discretionary Fund to purchase a “speaking clock” recommended by the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB). This was promptly agreed by SPC who ordered the product, and our resident will now, at the touch of a button, be able to hear the time and date, which we hope will aid their continued independence and enable them keep track of their busier social diary.


Bettina, our Neighbourhood Warden receiving the speaking clock from our Community Engagement Officer, in front of the door of Southwater PArish Council
Bettina, our Neighbourhood Warden received the clock from our Community Engagement Officer

We know that small interventions of this kind can make all the difference to residents, and this is just another example of the value of our Neighbourhood Wardens being in the community as they are out interacting with residents each day, looking to offer help and guidance where they can and bringing a multi-agency approach to problem solving. 



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