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Neighbourhood Wardens Support Vulnerable Resident with assistance from the Parish Council

Recently, our Neighbourhood Wardens were out on a routine foot patrol in the village when they met with an older resident struggling to carry their shopping. Naturally, they stopped to help and following a conversation, realised that the resident could really benefit from some additional support. Being an older resident, living alone without a car and trying to remain entirely independent whilst managing a number of medical conditions can be a real challenge. The Wardens were invited in to the resident’s home and were able to talk about their role in the community and other agencies that would be able to provide help.

By agreement with the resident, our Wardens contacted West Sussex Fire and Rescue and invited them to undertake a Safe & Well visit enabling them to give advice on Health & Safety issues and fit smoke alarms. Supported by volunteers from the Southwater Neighbour Network ( who can help our residents with mobility issues or feelings of social isolation and the provision of contact details for various other support agencies including Age UK ( and Citizens Advice Bureau ( we are confident that a holistic wrap around package of support can be put in place for this resident.

The Wardens made an application to the Southwater Parish Council Chairman’s Discretionary Fund to purchase a wheeled shopping trolley to help carry the shopping. This was promptly agreed by SPC who ordered the product which was delivered on the 9th of February 2023. We know that small interventions of this kind can make all the difference to residents and this is just one example of the value of our Neighbourhood Wardens being in the community as they are out interacting with residents each day, looking to offer help and guidance where they can and bringing a multi-agency approach to problem solving.


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