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Members of the Public and Neighbourhood Wardens Assist Elderly Resident.

Whilst on patrol Yesterday our Neighbourhood Wardens joined a passing motorist and local jogger to help with a medical emergency. An older resident in his 90s had fallen in the street and was bleeding heavily from a serious gash just under his eye and substantial swelling to his head.

We wanted to give special recognition and thanks to those that offered help and in particular for calling the emergency services and staying with the injured man until the ambulance arrived.

One of the Wardens said: “It was fantastic to see members of our community working together to make sure the gentleman was kept safe until the experts could attend and transporting his wife to the scene so that they could be together.

We would like to thank you for your concern and to let you know that he was taken to A&E by South East Coast Ambulance Service for further assessment and will receive the best possible care from our friends in the NHS. This is another example of our wonderful residents looking out for each other.


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