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Horsham District Council Local Plan (Regulation 19) - SPC's Response Submission

Southwater Parish Council has now submitted its response to Horsham District Council's Local Plan Regulation 19. This can be viewed here.

Southwater Parish Council Response to Horsham Local Plan Reg.19 (Final Version)
Download PDF • 416KB

The Horsham District Local Plan sets out the proposed strategy and planning policies for considering new development proposals within the District, excluding the South Downs National Park, for the plan period 2023 - 2040.

The Regulation 19 Local Plan had been published for a six week period of representation running from 9am Friday 19 January until 5pm Friday 1 March 2024.  During this time you were all invited by HDC to make written comments as to whether the Local Plan complies with the necessary legislation, and also complies with national planning policy (known as the Test of Soundness).

Hence Southwater Parish Council had submitted a response accordingly.


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