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Grant Approved in October Revitalizes Running Track for Local School.

The parents and children of Castlewood school can celebrate as the improvements to the running track have now been completed. This follows as a grant application to improve their running track was approved by Southwater Parish Council in October 2022.

Credit: Photos provided by Supporters of Castlewood School

The track has been installed to “encourage students at Castlewood School to run, jog or walk” a mile every day. The track is in constant use by students daily. It has been pivotal to the health and welfare of students during difficult periods, particularly during exam season.

The track was first installed five years ago. Unfortunately, it had recently fallen into disrepair. Nevertheless, the Supporters of Castlewood School, a local charity, had been fundraising to repair and sustain the track. The organisation is made up of parents and other members of the local community to encourage a thriving relationship between Castlewood School and the wider community.

On Wednesday 19th October 2022, the Council approved a grant of £1,500 to improve the running track. This brought the charity one step closer to their goal. The Council is pleased to see the project’s completion.

At Southwater Parish Council we are happy to support local charitable or non-profit making organisations, providing services or carrying out activities or projects that directly benefit the community of Southwater. Further information on this is available in our Grant Policy.

If your organisation falls within our Grants Policy, please do not hesitate to apply. Our Grant Policy and application form is available here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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