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Dog related issues? Here's a little help!

Have you found a lost dog? Or a stray dog? Came across some dog poo on the street?

Here are some links to help with anything dog related:

A close up photo of a dogs face, brown and black hair. Southwater Parish Council logo. A  line drawing of a dog's paw print.

1. Dogs found roaming free should be reported to HDC’s Environmental Health team. More details here:

If you can contact the owner of the dog, please do so!

2. If you are concerned about a barking dog, please:

Email HDC’s Environmental Health team.

3. Dog fouling: You can contact Hop Oast to arrange for the fouling to be removed.

Did you know?

One in four households in the UK has a pet dog, and they produce 1,000 tonnes of poo a day, or 365,000 tonnes a year.

Southwater has several areas perfect for long walks with your dogs, but were you aware that there are 31 dog waste bins around too? 12 which are looked after by Southwater Parish Council.

Please be mindful of bags containing dog waste as these must not be left behind on your walk. You can tie it tightly and place it in a dog bin or public refuse bin or take it home.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding dog waste bins, you can contact us.

4. Dog attacks or dogs out of control:

If there is an immediate threat to human or animal life call 999. Otherwise report to the police on 101 or via the Sussex Police website reporting form.

Horsham District Council does NOT have a Dog Warden Service and cannot deal with dog attacks or dangerous dogs.


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