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WSCC- Your Questions Answered: Worthing Road and Fairbank Road junction, Traffic Light refurbishment 29 Jan – 29 Mar 2024

The works are in regard to a refurbishment of an existing signalised junction at Worthing Road and Fairbank Road in Southwater which will update equipment due to the existing equipment reaching end of life.

Your questions Answered:

Q. Why does this work have to take place?

A. The junction equipment has reached end of life and needs replacing.

Q. What work has to be done?

A. New poles, signal heads and detectors will be installed, and the tactile paving areas will also be replaced for new. Surfacing works to follow after completion of signals refurbishment.

Q. What will the benefits be once it is finished?

A. The junction will utilise updated equipment and configurations and be more energy efficient.

Q. Will any roads have to be closed during the works?

A. No roads will be closed but there will be lane closures and the traffic will be run under temporary traffic lights for the duration of the scheme.

Q. What time of day will the work take place?

A. The works will generally be undertaken during the hours of 07:30 and 17:30 but the temporary traffic lights will remain in place.

Q. The road is still closed but there is no work being carried out?

A. N/A

Q. What disruption can residents expect?

A. There will be noise made during the working hours and delays are expected to the traffic which may queue outside residents’ property. Access will be maintained at all times, however.

Q. What disruption can motorists or bus passengers expect?

A. Delays are expected to vehicular journey times due to the necessary traffic management.

Q. I am expecting a delivery during the works. What will happen?

A. Access will be maintained at all times so if the delivery is directly onto a property or driveway this will not be affected. If the delivery is to be on street, then the driver will not be able to park in the barriered works area but will otherwise be able to deliver any portable packages direct to the property.

Q. What disruption can pedestrians expect?

A. The works area will be barriered off to keep pedestrians safe. When crossing the road extra care will need to be taken due to queuing cars and the use of traffic management. During work hours the operatives on site will be happy to assist anyone crossing the road should the pedestrian wish.

Q. I have off-street parking, will I still be able to use it?

A. N/A

Q. Will any diversion routes for traffic have to be put in place?

A. N/A

Q. Could weather impact the proposed works?

A. Severe weather could have an impact in progress or in setting times but is unlikely to affect the overall extent of the scheme.

Q. How do I report a fault or problem on the highway?

A. The most effective way to report a fault or problem on the highway is to use our online reporting application with multiple options.

For further information, please visit - Make an enquiry or report a problem with a road or pavement via the West Sussex Council website.

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