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Upcoming Roadworks on Worthing Rd/Fairbank Rd

After submitting numerous reports and complaints to West Sussex County Council (WSCC) over the last two years and in response to receiving large amounts of resident correspondence in relation to the condition of the road surface at the Worthing Road/Fairbank Road Junction to Lintot Square, we have finally received a works date.

We must provide our thanks to County Councillor Nigel Jupp in assisting the Parish Council in its quest to ensure the imperative resurfacing works were programmed in.

The details of the works as confirmed by WSCC are as follows:

When this will take place?

·  The work will start on Tuesday 2nd April 2024 and is expected to take 2- nights to complete.

·  The hours of work will be between 8pm and 6am.

·   Warning signs will be erected in the local area, where any changes to the start date will be displayed and marking the extent of the works.

·  Every effort will be made to carry out the noisiest operations in the earliest part of the evening and before 11pm.


What they’re doing:

·  Resurfacing the carriageway on Worthing Rd from Church La to Pipers Cl and Fairbank Rd from the junction with Worthing Rd to Station Rd.

·  Adjusting and replacing ironwork.

·  Replacing road markings.


Road restrictions during the work:

In order to protect our workforce and the public.

·  The road will be closed to through traffic which will be diverted around the site.

·  Pedestrian barrier will be erected adjacent to the works.

·  Parking will be prohibited for the duration of the works.

For further information please visit:


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