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Southwater Skate Jam - 30 September 2023

Photo Credit: Sue Surita

Following the successful opening of the newly rebuilt skatepark, in Ben’s Field, Stakers Lane, Southwater, at the end of July 2023, the Skate Jam Event that took place on Saturday, 30th September 2023, further raised the profile of what was a renowned skatepark with users of all ages.

Team Extreme provided an afternoon of entertainment, including demos, showcasing skills using a Skateboard/BMX/Scooter and Skates. Music added to the atmosphere, together with informative and fun commentary. User participation was high and users were encouraged to enter competitions. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for users and spectators, of which there were many of all ages!

It was extremely pleasing to see the skatepark being used by young and old, from users who have only just started using the skatepark since it opened in the summer, to experienced users who had used the previous skatepark some seventeen years ago and how everyone joined in together, supporting and encouraging each other, cultivating a real sense of community.

Photos Credit: Sue Surita

Thanks go to the Southwater Community Partnership and Southwater Youth Project for their support and Berkeley Homes for their donation towards the event. A huge team effort and many thanks to all involved.


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