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Southwater Skate and BMX Park (Bens Field, Stakers Lane) - Update

Southwater Parish Council is now able to share previews of the design for Southwater Skate & BMX Park, Bens Field, Stakers Lane, which was consulted on with a range of experienced users. Designed and to be built/installed by Cambian Action Sports in 2023.

The Southwater Skate and BMX Park was frequently used since inception in 2006 by a large range of users in Southwater, Sussex and further afield having established itself as one of the best timber riding surface skate parks in the South tailored to transition style skating, BMX, aggressive inline skates and stunt scooters.

Unfortunately, the skate park was burnt down in August 2020. Following the fire, which burnt down part of the skate park, the Insurer (Zurich) was informed and assisted to clear the site and agreed to funding 33% of the rebuild costs.

Southwater Parish Council had also been able to apply for and get successful approval of Section 106 funding held by Horsham District Council specifically relating to Southwater Skate Park and balances for Southwater Sports and Recreation Facilities contributions to fund the build.

The Council intends to install CCTV cameras at the site prior to reopening the facility.


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