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Better roads in West Sussex - What is WSCC doing and how can you help?

Roadworking machine and a man in high visibility clothes on top of the photo. A road turn and green roadsiedes on the bottom of the picture.

We understand how frustrated people feel about the exceptional number of defects currently present on some roads in West Sussex and the impact this has on travelling around the county.

Councils feel that frustration too and are working hard to make improvements using the resources available. Like many other local councils across the UK, we have deteriorating roads due to a combination of factors:

  • extreme fluctuations in weather, especially the wet spells earlier this year

  • volume and weight of vehicles using the network

  • not enough funding available to carry out all the repair works that need doing.

But we are facing the challenge head-on and pumping a multi-million pound package into a series of road repairs and improvements, to provide a road network we can all be proud of.

We’d like to thank the teams, suppliers and contractors, who are all working flat out to resolve the issues.

Read more on the link below about our challenge and the work our Highways teams are completing across our 4,000kms of roads.

For more information, please visit Better Roads' website.

To report a pothole, please click here.


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