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Southwater Parish Council Supports Speed limit Change on Two Mile Ash Road

A concerned resident contacted the Council in relation to their concerns for vulnerable road users requesting the Council’s support for an application to change the speed limit on Two Mile Ash Road. The resident highlighted the safety concerns and issues of no lighting, no pedestrian path and the highway being narrow. The resident also observed a precedent was already set by the speed limit change of 60mph to 30mph on Tower Hill Road.

Similarly, the application would change the Speed limit from 60mph to 40mph on Two Mile Ash Road from the junction with Marlpost Road to the junction with Christs Hospital Road and Tower Hill Road.

Following the Planning Committee meeting on the 1st February 2023, the Council voted in favour of supporting the resident’s proposition. This follows from the recent press release by WSCC explaining the importance of a new speed limit policy. The applicant’s proposal is also supported by District Cllr C. Vickers and County Cllr N.Jupp.


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