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Southwater Parish Council Budget and Precept for 2023-24

SPC Budget, Precept and Band D for 2023-24

Southwater Parish Council approved the budget for financial year 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024 at the Full Council Meeting of 18th January 2023. This represented a total precept requirement of £485,772, resulting in a Band D Council Tax of £101.77, signifying a decrease of 11.9% from 2022/23. To view the approved budget please visit Annual Budget | Southwater Parish (

Who collects Council Tax and who does it go to?

Council Tax is collected by the billing authority, Horsham District Council (HDC) who collects on behalf of West Sussex County Council (WSCC), itself (HDC), Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, and Parish (or Town) Councils.

Unlike County and District Councils, Parish Councils do not typically receive any direct funding from Central Government and so the Council Tax precept forms the majority of a Parish (or Town) Council’s income, which is spent on a wide range of services in the community.

The percentage of your Council Tax precept that the Parish Council receives is typically the smallest proportion of the Council Tax paid to (collected by) the District (or Borough) Authority with the County Council Tax comprising the largest proportion collected by the District (or Borough) Authority.

For example, in 2022-23, a Band D property in Southwater would pay a total charge of £2,058.24. Of this amount £1,555.74 is due to West Sussex County Council, £224.91 goes to the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, £162.90 goes to Horsham District Council and the Parish Council retains £115.50.


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