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Old Roman Arena

The Roman Lane Art Project

Before the houses were built, archaeologists surveyed and excavated the area discovering a Roman past that had lain buried for over 1,700 years.  Inspired by the discovery and the local wildlife the children of Castlewood Primary and Southwater Academy worked with the artist commissioned to create these art screens.

Roman Lane Artwork Pic 1_edited.jpg

The Screens

The Artwork has incorporated traditional Roman designs found in mosaics and painted walls of the Roman Villas of Fishbourne and Bignor and elsewhere. It incorporates images of the local wildlife to create a 21st century vision of classical decoration.

Beyond Rome

After the Roman’s left in 410AD, nature took over and so the buildings disappeared from landscape and memory.   Some 1400 years later a railway would be built nearby taking trains to the North Downs of Surrey and the South Down’s of Sussex.  The rural line was axed in 1966, lasting only 100 years, but the remains of it can be seen along the Down’s Link, a cycle, footpath that can be joined by following the footpath.

Roman Lane Srtwork Pic 6 (002).jpg
Artist Tim Ward - photo by Jim Dunn.jpg

The Artist-Tim Ward

Allotments are provided to enable residents of Southwater to have access to space where they can grow produce for their own consumption, whilst enjoying the social aspects of allotment gardening in a green and healthy environment. The Council supports the use of environmentally friendly methods and promotes rain harvesting systems, such as water butts.

Tim likes to explore the combination of a variety of different materials, ranging from steelwork,
photographic plates, glass, stone, mosaic and lighting in producing his artwork. He believes art within public spaces should encourage and stimulate interaction with the world around us and evoke a sense of pride and wonder for the unique quality of the places where we live, visit and work.

Tim founded Circling the Square in 2022 and leads the design and implementation of public art, street furniture and environmental projects. Tim is an elected member of the Art Workers Guild.

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