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Southwater Neighbourhood Wardens Road Safety Campaign

Southwater Neighbourhood Wardens have been running a Road Safety campaign involving all our local schools. It started with a poster competition where pupils designed awareness posters highlighting the hazards that they face from anti-social driving and inconsiderate parking. A winner from each of the three schools was presented with their prize by two of our Parish Councillors and the first signs were put up today outside Castlewood Primary School. Watch out for the new signs at Southwater Junior and Southwater Infant Academies later this week and we hope they will have a positive impact on drivers and all road users in general.

The Wardens, accompanied by Sussex Police PCSO Cecil, were invited to attend Southwater Infant Academy to deliver a presentation about staying safe and the slogan “Stop, Look, Listen, Think” was reinforced at the end with an interactive film from the government’s THINK! Road Safety programme. All the pupils were brilliant with lots of great interaction.


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