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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

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What is CIL?

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a tool to help deliver infrastructure to support the development of the area.

The levy is charged on new development that creates either 100sqm of new gross internal area floorspace or (a) new dwelling(s) of any size.

Development of this nature will usually require planning permission from the local planning authority, the Planning Inspectorate or the Secretary of State on appeal, however the levy also applies to developments granted consent through local planning orders or Neighbourhood Development Orders. The levy may also be payable on permitted development.

The Parish Council receives any CIL from Horsham District Council on a backdated 6 month period. The monies are allowed to accrue and to be spent on community projects within the Parish of Southwater that would not normally be covered by the precept. Importantly, the levy can be used to increase the capacity of existing infrastructure or to repair failing existing infrastructure if that is necessary to support development.

Put simply, Horsham District Council (HDC) collects CIL from developers of new properties and owners of existing properties which are extended or modified, increasing the dwelling in size.  HDC and West Sussex County Council (WSCC) retain the bulk of these funds, but 15% (Capped at £100 per dwelling) is passed directly to the Parish/Town Council where the development takes place. If the Parish has a "made" Neighbourhood Plan, the amount rises to 25% (uncapped). In summary, Parish Councils are responsible for spending the CIL it receives (the neighbourhood portion) in line with the CIL regulations, to support the development of the Parish, or any part of that area by funding:-

      a) the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure; or 

      b) anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area.

For more information on CIL please visit the Horsham District Website here.

UPDATE (23rd June 2021): 

The Southwater Neighbourhood Plan (SNP) has now been made and adopted by Horsham District Council. Only once a plan is ‘made’  does the increased percentage of CIL apply combined with the removal of the CIL cap .   Please also see Southwater Infrastructure Delivery Plan Briefing Note for more information.


CIL Receipts and Payments

Receipts of CIL by Southwater Parish Council are listed in the accounts as CIL Receipts and are an earmarked reserve until they are spent. If they are not spent within 5 years of receipt they may be refundable to HDC. 

Below are the receipts and payments that have been received by Southwater Parish Council to date.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Report - Updated 18 April 2024

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Report - Updated 14 April 2023

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Report - Updated 19 August 2022

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Report - Updated 22 April 2021

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Report - Updated 28 April 2020

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