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Southwater Parish Council - Council Tax Precept 2018-2019

Southwater Parish Council has agreed an amount of £509,107 for its part of the Council Tax for the 2018/19 Financial Year, once again this was not an easy decision to make as it affects in some way all residents of the Parish.

The Parish Council’s element of the Council Tax will increase from £93.30 for a Band D property in 2017/18 to £117.00 for 2018/19 which equates to a total rise of £0.46 (Band D) per week per household.

Councillor Graham Watkins, stated "that having consulted residents in December 2017 on the need to raise further monies for both the upkeep and maintenance of Council owned public realm and buildings together with the issue of community wardens, it was the view of the Council that following the success of wardens at Ashington and Pulborough that Southwater’s community could benefit from such a scheme. This scheme, alongside the proposed building maintenance and improvements to the public realm would ensure that facilities in Southwater are maintained to a high standard.

As previously reported, the Council has used its Reserves to support the budget in previous year prior to 2017/18 to keep the Council Tax increases between 3-5%; it can no longer do this, we are therefore looking at new income generators.

Southwater Parish Council is proud of the services it currently delivers, managing community buildings, and significant land holdings and keeps the village litter free.

The Parish Council staffing levels remain consistent with that of other larger Local Authorities to meet the needs and deliver the community’s aspirations for the future.

The Team is working hard to deliver the community’s vision, develop a Neighbourhood Plan, enhance the community building provision and leisure facilities and are underway in relation to a complete review of the Southwater Leisure Centre. There will also be a focus on working more closely with the community and local businesses by improving the Councils website; this is due shortly".

Councillor Watkins went on to say "Parish Councillors and Staff are committed to delivering the best service for Southwater residents who are welcome and encouraged to attend the Council meetings which are publicised on the Council’s website Once again our focus this year, will be on improving the much loved Christmas Event and our use of social media to improve communications with our residents too".


For further information contact:

Mrs Catherine Tobin, Parish Clerk on 01403 733202.

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