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The Parish Council is responsible for a wide range of services.  These have been developed to meet the needs of the community and compliment those services provided by both the District and County Councils.


The Parish Council currently supply 68 1/4 rod allotments.  These Allotments are managed by Easteds Allotments Association on behalf of the Parish Council and are based in Easteds Lane, Southwater.   There is currently a waiting list.  For more details on the allotments, rental and other costs or how to be added to the waiting list contact Mrs.Gabi Butler (01403 730598) or email:

Beeson House

 Beeson House was completed in June 2006 forming the integral part of the new redeveloped village centre Lintot Square.  The building is occupied by the Parish Council (chamber and office), West Sussex County Council Library Service, Southwater Community Police Office, Southwater Youth Project and some other local businesses.

This two storey building is accessed either by the staircase or by the lift provided.  The Parish Chamber, which is available for hire is fitted with a Loop System and amplifier to assist those with hearing difficulties.  There are adequate toilet and kitchen facilities throughout the building. 

Hiring/Lettings are subject to the Council's Hire Agreement being entered into and at the Council's discretion.  This building is not suitable for children's parties.  The Parish Council do rent out rooms for business or other meetings etc.  Rooms available within Beeson House are

  • the Larger Council Chamber which seats 60- 80 and is suitable for all types of meetings (no parties)
  • the Small Chamber ( created by separating the larger chamber into two space) which  seats up to 20
  • the Upper Youth Club Area is suitable for informal meetings of 20 persons


Please contact our bookings representative on 01403 733202 to find out more or email

Community Buildings

Southwater Ghyll (previously known as Leisure Centre)

Southwater Ghyll was built over 25 years ago, with an extension completed approximately 20 years ago to provide additional halls for the community.

Areas within the Ghyll comply with the Disability Discrimination Act. The entire facility can be opened up to accommodate 300-500 people.  There are adequate toilet and changing facilities throughout the building.

The Ghyll also has a County Standard Bowls Green located within its grounds. To the rear of the building there is a multi-use games area (MUGA), a full size football pitch with associated changing rooms.

The Southwater Ghyll provides a wide range of community and sporting activities. For further information please contact Bookings at

Community Grant Aid

A Parish Council is empowered to incur expenditure in the execution of any works in order to exercise its statutory powers.  There is also a power to incur expenditure for the "benefit of all or some of its inhabitants" (Local Government Act 1972 s.137).

Groups who have previously benefited from grant funding from the Parish Council are, Southwater Welcome Club, The Belfry Luncheon Club, Horsham Youth Concert Band, Horsham District Age Concern, Holy Innocents Church, Insight for the Blind and the local Mediation Service to name but a few.

All applicants must complete an application form.  Any community groups wishing to apply for a community grant, should provide a copy of their Constitution (if available), a copy of their latest audited accounts and the reason and supporting documentations for the grant request.  The Council reserves the right to refuse any application, and may also ask for further information to ensure that they comply with their statutory powers.

If there are any questions regarding the completion of the grant application form or the formula for this provision please contact the Parish Clerk on 01403 733202.  The Application Form may be downloaded from the web site. In the event of a community group requiring some emergency grant assistance, this may be addressed separately by the Parish Council.

Community Website

The Parish Council provide the Community Web Site free of charge to local community groups and organisations.  A charge may be applied in relation to advertising material (commercial) activities subject to the discretion of the Council.  If your organisation or group would like to have a page on the Website then you should contact the Parish Clerk's office on 01403 733202.


The Parish Council currently organise a number of events within the community.

The Christmas Festival is organised by the Community Partnership and supported by SPC.

Litter Wardens

The District Council are the refuse authority for the area and as such provide a grant to the Southwater Parish Council to assist in the employment of a litter warden. The SPC Litter Warden is further assisted by a number of community volunteers, who also assist in the litter picking elsewhere in Southwater Village. Stammerham Amenity Society and Newfoundout Society also carry out annual litter picks of their areas.

Should you wish to become a volunteer littler picker, please contact the Parish office on 01403 733202 or email

Litter & Dog Bins

In addition to the Litter Warden, the Parish Council also provides and maintains certain litter bins within the parish boundary. In turn the Parish Council appoint the District Council, as the refuse authority for the area, to empty those bins on a weekly basis. A map of the locations of these bins is available in the parish office.

The Parish Council also provides and maintain many dog bins throughout the parish, a map of their precise position is held by the parish office. The District Council as the refuse authority for the area, currently holds the contract for the emptying of all bins on a weekly basis.


The Parish Council work in partnership not only with other local authorities but also local community churches and community groups.

Partnerships currently exist with West Sussex County Council and Horsham District Council.

Southwater Community Methodist Church and the United Reform Church also work in partnership with the Parish Council in respect of the provision of the full time Community Youth Worker, Angie Choat. A new agreement having recently been reached to further fund this post. Southwater Youth Steering Group are the delivery mechanism for the youth projects within Southwater. The current youth facility is based within Beeson House.

A partnership and close liaison between the Parish Council and Sussex Police currently exists with an information sharing arrangement for the delivery of the Safer Neighbourhoods agenda.

The Parish Council continue to seek new partners in order to provide and improve services to the community it serves.


Please refer to the planning section of the Parish Council's site for more information.

Street Furniture

The Parish Council, as the grassroots authority for the Parish, has responsibility for a wide range of basic street furniture details as follows:-

  • Provision and Maintenance of Bus Shelters owned by the Parish Council throughout the Parish.  The Parish Council are currently responsible for 4 brick bus shelters, and a new modern bus shelter in the Worthing Road.

  • War Memorial - situated on the small green within the Lintot Square development.  This memorial was funded by public donations, and is now managed and maintained by the Parish Council.  The Parish Council did donate monies towards the provision of the names plaque, which under the powers vested in it, it was permitted to do.  A Parish Council may not however, contribute to the provision of such a monument and is exceedingly grateful to the community group who raised the monies and worked so hard to provide this lasting memorial to those who have lost their lives in areas of conflict.  A Licence has been granted by Horsham District Council in relation to the land on which this is situated.

  • Public Seats - the Parish Council provide seven wooden seats and look after memorial seats donated by local residents.  Whilst there are seats adjacent to the War Memorial, there are a number situated in the Worthing Road.

  • Street Lighting - Although West Sussex County Council provide and maintain the majority of street lighting in Southwater, the Parish Council is responsible for approximately 70 lights that do not meet full adoption standards.  Southern Electric is the Parish Council's appointed contractor.  All County Council street lights are clearly numbered.  Report of lights that are not working regardless of ownership, can be made to the West Sussex County Council Help Point situated in Beeson House (Parish Office), quoting the street light number and location.  Where there is no number this is generally an indication that this street light is the direct responsibility of the Parish Council.

 Woodlands & Public Open Place

Southwater has a great diversity in the quality and standard of its various parks, recreation grounds and children's play areas. A number of the these are owned of Horsham District Council.

The Parish Council does however have some land holdings much of which were adopted through development gain during the 1990's to ensure that these areas are protected both now and for future generations. The Parish Council's present policy/regulations has been and continues to be, that where they own such areas, the Council will not dispose of any such land to a third party with the exception of Licences to Plant or Licences in relation to rear gate access onto its land. The current policy/regulation is under review.

  • Church Lane - this land is leased to the Parish Council by the Fletcher Trust until 2015.  In turn the Parish Council lease the football ground to Southwater Football Club. A play area is also provided on the north of Church Lane by the Parish Council.

  • Church Lane Car Park - this car park is provided FREE OF CHARGE for residents of the Parish, and is regularly used by the Sports Club, Holy Innocents Church and others.

  • Pond Farm Ghyll South Pond Farm Ghyll South (Wooded area in the central area of the village south of Southwater Ghyll) - the Parish Council own and maintains a section of land to the south of Southwater Ghyll under a Covenant from the Piper Trust. This area comprises mainly of ancient woodland with a stream running through the area and is the habitat of not only wildlife but rare species of plants. Southwater Ghyll car park (for patrons of the Ghyll only) is situated to the south of Southwater Ghyll in this area, and is considered the main car park. Pond Farm Ghyll North (Wooded area in the central area of the Village North of Cedar Drive) - the Parish Council owns and maintains a section of land to the north of Cedar Drive.  Again this area is the habitat of not only wildlife, but also rare species of plants, with a number of small ponds and a stream flowing through.

  • Turners Close Public Open Space - this area situated off Abbotsleigh in Turners Close is owned and managed by the Parish Council.  The land comprises of a wildlife pond and area of green space.

  • Old Stakers Lane - over the past 10 years the Parish Council has maintained and carried out litter picking on this old farm track.

  • Hazel Close Public Open Space - this area is owned and maintained by the Parish Council.  The area comprises not only small areas of green space but also a balance pond and small copses.

  • Eversfield Public Open Space - the Parish Council own and  maintain areas of public open space in this location.  The area is comprised of small green areas, a wildlife pond and play area.

  • Nutham Lane - this area is owned and maintained by the Parish Council.  The area comprises a large green space enjoyed by many residents throughout the year and a playground.

  • Easteds Meadow & Track - the Parish Council own and maintain the area beyond the allotment site, the banking onto the A24 and footpath leading to Lime Kiln Close.  The field area beyond the allotments has been with wild flower seeds and intended to be a wild flower meadow and maintained accordingly.

  • Charlock Way -  the Parish Council own and maintain the large green playing field in Charlock Way and adjacent woodland including the small layby.

  • Red Route - the Parish Council owns and maintain a track known locally as the "red route" which commences in Blakes Farm Road close to the Bridge and runs down the rear of Charlock Way towards Easteds Lane.

  • Blakes Farm Road - the Parish Council own and maintain various areas of walkway and woodland in the general location of Blakes Farm Road up to and including the large area of raised ground situated by the Bridge.

  • Cornflower Way - the Parish Council own and maintain the small green track of land in this location, along with the small play area.

  • Warren Drive/Poppy Close - the Parish Council own and maintain various smaller areas of public open space in this area including sections of wooded areas and a play area.

  • Larkspur Way - the Parish Council own and maintain the green space in this area together with the play area.  The green space itself is laid to grass but is effectively a balancing pond, which in the event of flooding in the village would take excess water.

  • Nyes Lane - the Parish Council own and maintain the various areas of green space at this location including adjacent woodland, namely Pond Farm Ghyll.  Again the larger green space would act as a balancing pond in the event of a major flood occurring in the village.

  • Southwater Ghyll and Land - Southwater Ghyll and Land - the Ghyll building and land are owned and managed by the Parish Council. The land was originally provided as part of community development gain under a Covenant from the Piper Trust. Under the terms of this restrictive covenant, the Council cannot permit anyone other than users of the Ghyll or its associated use, to use the car parking areas whether this be the upper or lower carparks (off Fairbank Road).  The main car park for the Ghyll is situated off Fairbank Road, where there is adequate disabled access. Appropriate signage is displayed regarding those permitted to use the car parking areas. Should the Council breach the Covenant, this would have the effect that the Piper Trust could reclaim the land given to the Council on behalf of the community for the sum of £1.

  • Area of Land Worthing Road adjacent to the rear of Quarry Way - the Parish Council have been maintaining this piece of land situated in Worthing Road for some 10 years by way of litter picking and strimming.

  • Area of Land Old Stakers Lane - the Parish Council have maintained this area of land for the benefit of the community for 10 years, having installed bollards at the end of the land (Cripplegate Lane) to prevent unauthorised vehicular access.

  • Castlewood Road - the Parish Council are currently in negotiations with the District Council to transfer land, balancing pond and woodland in the Castlewood Road to the Parish Council.


It was apparent to the Parish Council and their partners that an increase in youth provision was required and in order to facilitate such a move, the Parish Council approached the local churches to see whether or not by working in partnership, a more cohesive programme of youth provision could be provided.  In 2006, the Parish Council and three local churches, Southwater Community Methodists, Church of the Holy Innocents and the United Reformed Church in Horsham, agreed to co-fund as a partnership a community youth worker.

Since that time, the partnership has decreased to only include the Parish Council, Southwater Community Methodists and the United Reformed Church.

Angie Choat the Community Youth Worker was appointed in September 2006 taking up her role within the new youth facility within Beeson House and has proven a great success throughout the community.  Angie not only works from within Beeson House, but carries out outreach work within all village schools and at Tanbridge House Secondary.

In addition to the cost of providing the Community Youth  Worker, the Parish Council work with the Youth Steering Group and have agreed to pay the rent in relation to the new youth facility in Beeson House together with the relevant service charges.  Youth provision was again identified as a major priority in a 2009 Community Action Plan.

In addition to the work carried out by Angie Choat, the Parish Council also facilitate the Junior Youth Club (operated and run at the Southwater Ghyll by Martin Minton on a Friday evening 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm (term time only). This scheme for 8-13 year olds has operated for some time.  Martin is always in need of volunteers (subject to the relevant safety checks) to assist with this much needed provision. The cost to take part in the Junior Youth Club is £3 per session. Please see the link below for further information

Young at Heart Club ( Fridays)

Southwater's Young at Heart Club commenced during late 2008, through a joint community project involving the Parish Council, Church of Holy Innocents and Southwater Community Methodist Churches.  The aims of the Club which operates on a Friday each week (term time only) is to provide a facility and activities for the age group 50+.  A wide variety of activities are on offer from scrabble to exercise and dance classes (see programme in Communities Section).