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Parish Office

Address: Beeson House, Lintot Square, Fairbank Avenue, Southwater RH13

Telephone Number: 01403 733202

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Comments & Complaints

Southwater Parish Council is committed to delivering a quality service and to respond to the wishes and needs of residents. We aim to provide residents with a quality service, but from time to time things may go wrong or we may not meet your expectations. By telling us where we've gone wrong, you can help us to put things right. Please email


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Other Helpful Contacts

To assist in the reporting of community concerns in the Southwater Parish area, the list below are the contact details by issue.

Southwater Parish Neighborough Wardens

Based within the community the wardens work alongside partner agencies to improve the quality of life for everyone by undertaking a number of activities from enforcement to community development.


Telephone numbers to call: Dominic Woodhead 07789 943193 or Jacquie Cave 07789 943156


Litter, overflowing bins, fly tipping, contact

Telephone number to call is 01403 733144

Dog Fouling

Contact :

Telephone Number to call is 01403 733144

Dog Bins

Contact :

Telephone Number to call is 01403 733144

Anti Social Behaviour 

For more information or to contact the Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour team, please call 101 ext. 530233 - See more at:


NHS 111 is much more than a helpline – if you're worried about an urgent medical concern, you can call 111 to speak to a fully trained adviser

Emergency Services

Dial 999


View a table of current planned roadworks, who is doing the work and their contact details. Click on the link below